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No littering $500 Fine VINYL DECAL 11.4" X 17.4"

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No littering $500 Fine VINYL DECAL 11.4" X 17.4". High performance film to make your business stand out.


11.4"H X 17.4"W

Vinyl Decal can be applied to polished surfaces such as:
- Painted surface
- Glass
- Plastic
- Metal
- Chrome

**** For Proper adhesion make sure surface is clean and dry. Does not adhere on Grease , oil, or dirty surfaces.

Product Features
- Six year outdoor durability
- Only 2.5 mils thick
- Available in a wide range of colors

- Ideal for indoor and outdoor lettering, marking, and decoration
- Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
- Gloss, Matte