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Business Hours Decal, Store Hours Vinyl Decal

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Business Hours Decal, Store Hours Vinyl Decal

Many designs to choose from and colors
Feel free to contact for inquiries and other designs

Easy to apply! Comes with transparent transfer tape already applied!

We recommend following these steps:

1. Clean the mirror extremely well with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do NOT use window cleaning products!
2. Let the glass dry thoroughly before attempting to put the vinyl on.
3. Before applying the decal, use a credit/debit card and firmly glide it back and forth over the decal.
4. Peel transfer tape off of the paper and position decal on mirror.
5. Use a credit/debit card and rub the sticker very firmly back and forth with the card (transfer tape should still be on).
6. Peel transfer tape off very slowly.

If the decal is not adhering, then try to leave the transfer tape on for a while before peeling once you have applied the decal to the mirror to let the vinyl adhesive bond.
Also please make sure that you are not attempting to put the decal on during extremely hot or cold temperatures. Ideal temperatures range between 50F-70F

If you follow these steps and are still having trouble, please message me and we can work something out to assist you further. :)

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